Word Press

WordPress deserves specific mention because it is the most popular blogging platform. It can be used for content management beyond blogging, as well, but blogs are still the main drive. WordPress is open source and free. It can be templated and modified to run on corporate sites, and it can power personal blogs as well. There are a large variety of plug-ins and extensions from both free and premium developers.

WordPress is supported on Android through a native WordPress app, as shown in Figure 11-7. You can post with formatting, tag posts, and geotag posts, and manage comments. You can also add photos and video to your posts.

Figure 11-7. WordPress

You aren't offered as many options for templating and administration as you'd see from a desktop browser, but you probably don't want as many options when you're trying to type them in on a slide-out keyboard or touchscreen. If you need more access on the road, log into your account from your Android's web browser.

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