VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a way to share screens remotely and control one device from another, even if that device runs on a different platform. If you leave your office or home computer on at all times and your office allows it, you can use VNC to check documents, send e-mail, or execute work tasks from wherever you are. VNC can be used with Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.

In order to use VNC securely, it should also be paired with a VPN. There are several VNC clients available for Android, including Android VNC Viewer, Remote VNC, and PhoneMyPC.

Right now Android isn't a large target, but as the number of devices on the market will expand, so will the number of hackers targeting Android. The open OS gives anyone who wishes a glimpse of the code. That gives users a chance to patch flaws, but it also gives hackers a chance to find and exploit them. Android was built with security in mind, but some of that security relies on you. Apps are only allowed limited privileges. As you install apps from the Android Market, pay attention to the permissions you are granting. I'll cover this in more detail in Chapter 14.

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