Using the Web Based Google Calendar

Google Calendar stores its data in the cloud, but you can use a variety of methods to view that data, including the Internet, phone apps, and third-party tools that hook into Google's data. We'll approach it from the Web first, since that's where it was born. Google Calendar allows for multiple levels of privacy and the exporting and importing of data from standard formats. You could be using Google Calendar through either your personal account or through a business Google Apps account.

If you install the web browser plug-in Google Gears, you can also use Google Calendar when your computer is offline. The calendars will sync once you resume connection. Of course, your phone is meant to wander in and out of connection range, so there's nothing extra to install when using the phone version.

Figure 7-1 shows the basic web interface for Google Calendar. The middle area is the main calendar. On the right you'll see a task list. On the left are tools for creating and filtering calendars and events.

Google calendar

Create Event

Quick Add Tasks


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