Using Photos As Wallpaper and Widgets

You can use a photo as your Home screen wallpaper. When you've shot a photo, you can set this immediately, but you can also use photos stored on your phone's card. One method in Android 2.1 and above is to long-click the Home screen, select Wallpapers, and then select Gallery. Navigate to the photo you want to use. You'll see an outline around part of the photo indicating where it will be cropped to fit as your wallpaper. Drag your finger to expand, shrink, or move the cropping area. Click Save when you are done.

Another method is to approach from the other direction and go to the Gallery first. Find the photo you want to use and click Menu > More > "Set as" > Wallpaper. You'll be prompted to go through the same cropping process.

To set a photo as a Picture Frame widget, as shown in Figure 9-11, you can long-click the Home screen, select Widgets, and then select Picture Frame. This will prompt you to browse through the Gallery and find an appropriate photo. In Android 2.2, you can choose how to crop the photo, although it will show you a square cropping area for what will end up being a rectangular frame.

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