Using Other Calendar Apps

Google Calendar is the primary calendar for Android, but that doesn't mean you're stuck with it. Rather than syncing your events with Google Calendar Sync, you can keep them within a separate calendar. Nitro Desk TouchDown is a $24 app that syncs with your Outlook calendar and has a separate calendar widget.

Leaky Nozzle Firehouse Scheduler is a $5.99 app that offers a calendar geared toward scheduling shifts in a fire department. It also tracks vacation time. The myDAY journal app is $1.49 and allows you to keep a simple journal in chronological order and export the data or view it on a calendar. The fonts are a bit much, but it is very useful for keeping records of the time you've spent on projects during the day.

Need to use a calendar other than the Gregorian? Alternative Calendar has both free and paid features, but the free version allows you to view a variety of other calendars, such as Islamic, Chinese, Bahai, Hebrew, and Ethiopian. You can also overlay it with a Gregorian calendar, so you have a point of reference. This calendar doesn't let you save events, but it does let you check to make sure you aren't calling a business contact on a religious holiday.

There are also tons of apps that enhance the default Android calendar tools. IRT Calendar is a $5.99 app that provides enhancements to Google Calendar, such as more views and icons for easier navigation in the agenda view. Smooth Calendar is a free widget for a better agenda view. Hawkmoon Software offers $1.99 productivity enhancements to the calendar for calculating the number of workdays for projects or trial dates.

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