Uploading to You Tube

When you create videos, the primary way to upload and share them is through YouTube. This works really well for personal videos, but it's a bit trickier for corporate videos, because each YouTube "channel" is limited to one user account and one password. Eventually, there may be an easy way to upload to a collaborative channel. Google is currently experimenting with methods to allow users to upload submissions to another channel.

YouTube offers unlimited storage for videos and two basic privacy settings, private and public. Private videos can be shared with small groups of other users. You can also upload videos privately at first and make them public later. Public videos are searchable and are automatically closed-captioned using speech-to-text technology.

Videos on YouTube are limited to 10 minutes unless you are part of YouTube's Partner Program for commercial content creators. More information on YouTube's Partner Program is available at www.youtube.com/t/partnerships_faq.

In order to upload videos to YouTube, you must have a YouTube account, and it must be linked to a Google account. You also have to be using a Wi-Fi connection. It's simply too much to upload on a 3G network, and Android 2.1 will refuse to even try. Android 2.2 will let you do it, but it will still take a long time and use a lot of bandwidth.

You can upload from the Gallery app by viewing the album that contains the video and double-clicking the Menu button. Click the video or videos, and then click Share and select YouTube. Choose an account, a title, a description, tags, and whether you want the video to be public or private; then click Upload.

NOTE: When you give public photos and videos tags and descriptions, keep search in mind. Use terms that you think people searching for that video would use, and do not skip fields.

Video Marketing Traffic Tactics

Video Marketing Traffic Tactics

Within this guide you will be learning some of the following tactcis Demonstrate how to use your products, Give a complete and accurate picture of what you are selling, Convey how important the customer is to you, Demonstrate the unique qualities of your product, Put testimonials in your video, Back up your printed information with the video, Use every aspect of video, Make it compelling, Think hard about how your video is presented, Reuse old video to make something new, Keep your video professional, Do not overwhelm the consumer, Tailor the video to your target market, Get creative, Place it wisely and much more.

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