Twitter and Microblogs

Twitter is part of a new generation of short, public blogging tools known as microblogs. It's a rapidly evolving service that essentially started out as a blog-like public collection of SMS messages from a given user. Twitter posts, or tweets, are limited to 140 characters to reflect their start in SMS. However, Twitter is also available from the Web, so many users are not accessing it by their phone at all. Twitter gained popularity in part because it allowed a lot of open use from third-party tools. Some (but not all) of those tools have made their way to Android.

Why would you use Twitter? The short messages are great for keeping status updates. If your business is transportation, let the riders know about delays. If your business is weather dependent, let your customers know if you need to make cancellations. Use it to advertise specials, promote your latest accomplishments, or deepen your customer engagement by having a conversation about their needs. Or just listen to what your customers or colleagues in the industry are saying. Chris Brogan has an excellent blog post on the subject here:

The Tweet Success Guide

The Tweet Success Guide

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