To Google Voice or Not to Google Voice

I love Google Voice. It's a free service from Google that forwards calls through VoIP. You can create a phone number that will forward to one or more of your phones. I use mine to call both my husband and my phones, since one of us is usually available to answer that way.

If you change phones, no problem. Just forward to your new number. Temporary number? Again, not a problem. You can also search for available numbers by letter or number combination, so you'll have a single point of contact that you can remember.

Google Voice is also available as a phone app. You can use your phone as if your Google Voice number were your only phone number. Outgoing calls would list your Google Voice number in the caller ID info. That's pretty powerful, but you don't have to use it this way. You can use all or part of the services and toggle them on or off at will, as illustrated in Figure 4-7.

You can also use Google Voice without getting a new number, though you'll be severely limited in the features available if you do it that way.



e Voice

Call with Google Voice

Call without Google Voice

Figure 4-7. Google Voice

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