Third Party Apps

If your phone doesn't have sufficient Exchange support, you can add that support through third-party apps. One popular app is TouchDown by NitroDesk. You can get more information here:

TouchDown comes in both a free and paid version. The free version lets you check email and get the day's calendar, while the $19.99 paid version, shown in Figure 6-8, allows you to sync your Exchange e-mail, accept and send task and event requests, use the Global Address List, and so on. TouchDown also supports security policy enforcement, so it should pass muster with most IT departments. You can also use it through OWA if you can't get it to work with ActiveSync. There's a fully functional free trial, so you can test to make sure everything works before you purchase it.

Figure 6-8. TouchDown

TouchDown is a really solid app. Not only does it provide most of the features of Outlook in your pocket, it also includes several widget options to keep your Exchange info handy whenever you use your phone. However, it doesn't mesh your e-mail, calendar, and task information with your other Android calendar, contacts, or task lists. On one hand it's handy to have business separate from personal life, and on the other hand it would be nice to have access to your Global Address List when using your main contact list.

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