Think Free Mobile Office

ThinkFree Office is a low-cost, Microsoft Office-compatible word processing suite that runs on Java. The Android version allows you to view and browse Office files (editing capability is planned for future releases). ThinkFree Mobile Office for Android comes preinstalled on Samsung Galaxy phones, and for other phones it can be purchased for $10. You can also purchase individual components for $5, including ThinkFree Write, ThinkFree Calc, and ThinkFree Present.

The largest advantage of ThinkFree Office is that it comes with a built-in file browser, which makes it easier to retrieve files from your phone's SD card, as shown in Figure 8-3. If you're an existing ThinkFree Online user, you can also conveniently upload and download files between your phone and the ThinkFree web space. Just long-click a file from within the ThinkFree browser and choose the appropriate option.

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