The Long Click

If you press down on an item and hold for a few seconds, this is what Android calls a long click. You'll generally feel some haptic feedback when you use the long click—the phone will vibrate slightly to let you know that you've done something different than a regular press.

A long click can be programmed into apps, but on the Home screen it is used to add and remove items.

To add an app to your Home screen, do the following:

1. Flick your finger to find the page of the Home screen you want to modify.

2. Open the app tray and find the icon for the app you want to launch.

3. Long-click the app (keep pressing).

4. The app tray will vanish after a few seconds, and you'll see the Home screen.

5. Continue to press down, and drag your app to the desired position.

6. Release your finger.

You can remove apps from Home screens by using a reverse of the same process. Long-click the app from the Home screen until a trash can appears. Drag the app into the trash can. Yes, the trash can. This is the same unfortunate metaphor problem that Macintosh has. Dragging the app into the trash just removes it from the Home screen; it doesn't actually delete the app from your phone.

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