The Google Phone

Leading up to Google's introduction of Android, there had been long-standing rumors that Google was going to introduce its own phone, just like Apple did with the iPhone. In January 2010, they did exactly that, and made the curious choice to compete against other phone manufacturers in the Android OS phone market they'd created. Figure 1-2 shows the Nexus One, the first official Google phone. Although it's made by HTC, the phone is branded and sold by Google.

Figure 1-2. The Nexus One

Is there anything special about the Nexus One? Yes and no. It's a nice phone, and it runs Android 2.1 on hardware designed specifically for that purpose. It includes voice-to-text dictation, and it includes a nice GPS navigator for turn-by-turn directions. As an official Google product, it will likely be first in line for Android OS upgrades.

That said, there are plenty of other Android offerings worth serious consideration. The Nexus One is no longer being sold by Google. The Nexus One was not a big hit with consumers, who prefer to play with phones before they purchase them, and Google shuttered the online Nexus One store in July of 2010.

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