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Photos taken from your camera are stored on your phone's memory card, and you can review these using your Camera app. However, you might also have photos you've moved or downloaded from other sources. As discussed in Chapter 8, you can use a file-browsing app to see and copy these files, but it's easier to visually browse them using the Gallery app, as shown in Figure 9-7.

Figure 9-7. The Gallery app

The Gallery app is built into Android phones. In earlier versions of Android, the graphics weren't quite as fancy, but the concept was the same. You see a visual representation of pictures you have stored both on your phone and through Google's Picasa Web Albums. Launch the Gallery app to browse your photos.

On phones with Android 2.1 and above, like the Nexus One and DROID, the gallery lets you browse through your pictures by flicking your fingers through the grouped piles of photos. You can browse in either horizontal or vertical mode, and the pictures will realign themselves to match your orientation.

Photos in the gallery can either come from your phone's storage or from Picasa. You'll see an icon to indicate the source, including folders, the camera folder, and Picasa albums. In Figure 9-7, all the pictures on the screen came from Picasa, as indicated by the white Picasa logo on the corner of each album.

Press on an album to view the pictures within it. In Android 2.2 you can also peek into an album without opening it by using the pinch-to-zoom motion. Figure 9-8 shows pictures within an album. You can view pictures in either stack or grid mode. Use the toggle in the upper-right corner of the screen to switch between modes. Grid mode shows all the pictures in an album, while stack mode groups the pictures by the date and time they were taken. You can flick through the pictures in the album with your finger or use the scroll button on the bottom of the screen.

Figure 9-8. Gallery details

Click an individual picture to view it, as shown in Figure 9-9.

Figure 9-9. Viewing a picture

When you're viewing an individual picture, notice breadcrumbs at the top left, which show you where the picture is located and how many other pictures are in the album. Also notice the zoom options in the upper-right corner. At the bottom of the screen is an option to play a slideshow of all the photos in the current album, and a Menu button. In this case, the Menu button does exactly the same thing as pressing your phone's physical Menu button, and it offers options that are very similar to what you'd see when reviewing pictures through the Camera app. You'll see sharing options, and a More button for cropping, rotating, and viewing the photo on a map. If the photo is stored on your phone, you'll also see a button to delete it.

NOTE: You can upload or delete multiple photos at once through the gallery by viewing an album and pressing the Menu button twice. Gray check marks will appear on each photo or video. Select multiple items by pressing each one. You can then mass-delete them with the Delete button, or upload them to Picasa or YouTube using the Share button.

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