Texting for Charity

You can send charity donations through text by texting a specific message to a specific five-digit number. This is another use of short-code numbers. Carriers and companies have agreements that allow the carrier to be charged for the text, and the carrier then passes the fee on to you at the next billing cycle.

The advantage is that you can quickly and easily donate or raise money for a cause. The disadvantage is that the charities pay a fee in order to be able to receive donations this way, and the money will be delayed because it's not collected until you get your phone bill. However, the amount of money that can be raised this way is truly impressive. One example of the power of this effort was shown when the Red Cross set up an SMS donation site for earthquake victims in Haiti, and raised more than $30 million for their cause from $10 donations.

If you're curious to see how you can donate or set up a charitable SMS fundraiser for your own cause, here are some companies that offer the service:






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