Texting Basics

unlimited data and unlimited text. However, you may have a legacy plan that doesn't include text.

Check your phone plan to see how many text messages you're allotted each month. You'll also want to ask if your network supports MMS under that plan, and you'll want to find out how much it costs to text while roaming. Finally, check the price of sending or receiving international texts. You may not intend to text someone in the United Kingdom next week, but it doesn't hurt to know how much it will cost in advance.

Keep in mind also that unlimited texting does not mean that premium texting is also included. If you text to vote for the next reality TV star or text a charitable donation, you will still be expected to pay for it, even if your plan includes unlimited texts.

NOTE: Android developers will be happy to know that they don't need a device with a text plan in order to test SMS messaging. The Android desktop emulator sends text from the computer.

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