If you have to-do items you need to complete, you might want to see the deadlines in your calendar. You can do this in the web-based version of Google Calendar, but the Android version of Google Calendar doesn't display your tasks. That doesn't mean you can't use the tool, however. To add your own Google tasks, use the instructions from Chapter 6 and create a bookmark to the mobile Google Tasks web site, at https://mail.google.com/tasks, or use the third-party app gTasks, which syncs with Google Tasks.

You can also skip Google Tasks entirely and use a third-party app like TouchDown, Remember the Milk, or Astrid for managing your to-do lists.

Google Calendar on Android 2.1 and above comes with a widget for easily seeing your daily schedule, as shown in Figure 7-5. You can long-click the Home screen to add this widget if it's not there already. HTC Sense phones come with a larger, slicker widget that also gives you a month or transparent agenda view. You can download Pure Grid or Pure View through the Android Market if you want to simulate the Sense experience.

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Figure 7-5. Calendar widget

You can launch the Calendar app by clicking the widget or the Calendar icon. When you launch the Calendar app, you'll notice it's much more user-friendly than the mobile web app. You can view events by day, week, month, today, and agenda. Today is just a handy shortcut to view the current date on whatever view you're using.

Press your phone's Menu button to switch to a different view, as shown in Figure 7-6. The choice you aren't offered is your current view. Navigate between months, weeks, and days by swiping your finger side to side on day and week views, and up and down on month views.

Just as with the desktop web version, your view dictates how much of an event preview you can see. On the month view, the screen real estate is small enough that you won't see any text. You'll see graphic bars to indicate relatively how busy a day is and when during the day events will occur. You can click a day to switch to the day or agenda view (depending on the last one you used) and see more details. In the week view, you can see a few characters of your event title. Click an event to view the event details. The day view shows event titles, and the agenda view shows event titles and summaries.

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