Talk and Other Missing Gmail Features

Gmail on the Web has a chat window. This uses a variation of Google Talk, but it also allows for video and audio chats. Video chat isn't available for your phone, but with phones like the HTC EVO offering a video camera on the front of the phone, it's only a matter of time before it becomes available. Rather than accessing Chat through the Android Gmail app, you'll use the Google Talk app on your phone.

Task List

Another feature you may notice is a task list. It's a very handy to-do list tool. It's not included in the Gmail app; however, you can still use the task list. Simply navigate your web browser to (or for Google Apps users, it will be, withyour_domain being the name of your domain). You can also make a shortcut for your Home screen. Create a bookmark of this address by pressing the star in your browser bar. Go to your Home screen and long-click. Select Shortcut > Bookmark, and then find the task list.


Google Buzz is a social networking component of Gmail. I'll talk about social networking tools in more detail later. Buzz isn't supported in the Gmail app on Android, but you can download a widget from Google that allows you to post updates, your location, and photos from your phone.

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