Syncing Calendars with Exchange

If you're using a Microsoft Exchange server to manage your company events, you may want to sync it with Google Calendar to make work and home life easier. You can sync your calendars by downloading and installing Google Calendar Sync from Google at

When you install Google Calendar Sync, you can decide if this is a two-way sync, where events are editable in both programs, or a one-way sync, where events are only editable in one program. If you're using another calendar, such as TouchDown, you may want to just sync in one direction to avoid having everything show up twice.

If you're a Mac user, syncing between Google Calendar and Exchange is trickier. Users of OS X 10.5 and above can sync between Apple's calendar program, iCal, and Google Calendar using the CalDAV protocol. However, that may not actually sync Exchange events, since those are syncing on a separate calendar. You can duplicate entries or use a third-party tool on your Mac, but it may be more cost effective to just buy an Exchange-syncing app for your phone.

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