SMS Gateway and Outlook

One of the specifications of SMS text messages is that you can send them from phone to phone, and also from computer to phone. SMS gateway services provide computer-to-phone and phone-to-computer services. SMS gateway services make it possible for you to sign up for SMS updates from web sites.

Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) is an extension of Outlook 2007 that can forward e-mail, tasks, and events to your phone. You can use it to forward important messages, send yourself task reminders, or send messages to coworkers on the road.

It's not free, and to use it you need to sign up with a hosting provider specific to your carrier. For more information, visit Microsoft's page on OMS, at

NOTE: Some web sites also provide free SMS gateway service for personal messages in the hope that you'll become an eventual business customer. SMS Everywhere ( is one example.

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