Sharing Your Calendar

Now you need to choose sharing options. Your first choice is a private vs. a public calendar. Public calendars are visible to everyone. They can be useful for information like holidays, business hours, promotions, and sales, but not so useful for giving out your personal schedule to a few select friends, since everyone can see public events.

The next option is to share your calendar with specific people. If you don't plan on sharing the information with anyone, you can skip this step. If you want to share information with friends, coworkers, family members, or clients, you can enter their email addresses here. You have to enter the addresses individually, but Google will autocomplete them as you type for anyone on your contact list.

If your business uses Google Apps, you will have an additional sharing option. Just below the option to make a calendar public, there will be an option to share your calendar with everyone on your web site domain.

Your sharing choices are:

■ See all event details

■ Make changes to events

■ Make changes AND manage sharing

Anyone with "Make changes to events" access will be able to add events to your calendar, as well as edit events you've added. If you choose "Make changes AND manage sharing," the person you share this calendar with will be able to add other people to the calendar. This might be a good choice for sharing calendars with teams that might pull in other members during a project.

To change and view the settings on your calendars all at once, go to Settings > "Calendar settings" and click the Calendars tab. From here you can change sharing privileges, unsubscribe (remove yourself from sharing), and delete calendars.

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