Setting Alerts Alarms and Reminders

It's great to have a calendar, but sometimes you need some reminders. In order to add them, got to Menu > More > Settings. You can use the options here to set your default alert settings, including ringtones, alert windows that pop up, and vibration. You can also set the default amount of time to be reminded before an event occurs.

I prefer my phone not to ring when I'm already on my way to a meeting, so I set the ringtone to silent. I also check the vibrate option and set my "Alerts & notifications" setting to give me a status bar notification.

You can add a reminder to or remove it from any event by going to the event view and clicking the green + labeled "Add reminder." You can also override the default time (e.g., so you don't get reminded about your flight 10 minutes before it leaves). You can even add more than one reminder to the same event. You might use this to add a reminder the day before your flight and another one just before you need to drive to the airport the day of your flight.

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