Selecting the Optimal Settings

Android 1.6 and earlier allow you to change the size of your picture by pressing the Menu button when using the main Camera app. This could be useful if you want to take more pictures and are running out of storage space, or you want to send your photos by MMS.

In Android 2.1, you can press the Menu button and then select Settings, but the easier solution is to drag open the Camera app's advanced settings tray (which you can see on the left in Figure 9-1, shown previously). The advanced settings menu is shown in Figure 9-4.

In Android 2.2, this became even easier, and your settings are displayed as an onscreen overlay, as shown in Figure 9-2. Simply click the appropriate symbol and adjust the settings. Notice that the icon changes after you adjust an item to give you a visual clue about your settings.

Camera settings

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