Resources for Managing Enterprise Wide Android Deployment

When I began this book, the idea of enterprise-wide Android deployment seemed like something that would only happen in the distant future. Plenty of experts said that Android was not ready for prime-time and was not suitable for business use. Android was too young and lacked features required by business users. It may still be too young for the large enterprise to support.

If your enterprise uses Google Apps, an Android deployment is fairly simple, since Android has always been compatible with Google Apps accounts.

Google was listening to enterprise feedback as it developed Android 2.2 (Froyo). It features built-in support for Exchange autodiscovery, password policy enforcement, and remote data wiping. Google has also promised to slow down on rapid OS upgrades as Android becomes a stable platform for developers, so IT departments won't have to worry about managing upgrades every few months.

If you're planning on an enterprise rollout, you'll want to decide which Android phones you support. If you're supplying phones for deployment, it's an easier choice, since you can choose the model based on the features, carrier, and price.

If you're supporting employee choice, it becomes complicated. Phones running Android 1.6 are still being sold just as Android 2.2 is being rolled out, and several brand-new phones are being sold with modified versions of Android. Here are some resources to help you as you develop a policy for Android use and deployment:

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