When you receive a new text, depending on your notification settings, you'll get the "notification" ringtone. This can be different from the ringtone you get for incoming calls. I have my notification ringtone set to silent. You'll also see a notification at the top of the screen showing you have a new message. The symbol will depend on the phone and version of Android, but it will be the same symbol used for your Messaging app.

Swipe your finger from the top of the screen downward to pull down the notification tab. You'll see the message, and if you need to respond, click directly on the messaging symbol to open the Messaging app. You can also just launch the Messaging app from the home screen.

Links and numbers within SMS messages are generally clickable. Android is interpreting links behind the scenes. Sometimes Android goes slightly too far and will make any random string of numbers clickable, even when it isn't a phone number.

TIP: By default in Android 2.2, there's no fancy pop-up window to let you know you've received a text message, but you can install an app like SMS Popup if you want a more intrusive alert when you get new messages.

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