If you want to read all your content in one place rather than posting it, you'll want an aggregator (aka feed reader). Feed readers take feeds from other sources and pile them into one place for easy reading. Tweets, blog posts, news items, and even Google searches are delivered as feeds that you can add to a feed reader, and many blogs add handy links for adding feeds. The universal symbol for an RSS feed is shown in Figure 11-12. When using most Android browsers and logged into your Google account, simply clicking the RSS icon in a blog will launch Google Reader and allow you to add the site's feed to your Google Reader account.

Figure 11-12. Generic RSS Feed symbol

Google Reader is a robust feed reader that lets you organize feeds by category, share likes, mark favorites, and leave comments. It also keeps track of where you read last. Unfortunately, official Google Reader support is currently only handled through the mobile web interface (shown in Figure 11-13), which is a capable app with a few shortcomings. The most important interface issue when using Google Reader through the web interface is that you can't use the Back button on your phone. It's a hard habit to break when you're used to navigating apps, but the Back button will exit your browser instead of going back to the previous feed.

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Figure 11-13. Google Reader

Some third-party apps support Google Reader, including free apps like NetaShare and paid apps like eSobi. You can specify whether you want feeds to sync in the background (if you're concerned about battery life, you do not) and how many feeds should be fetched at a time.

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