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PicSay is probably the best known of several photo-editing apps that allow you to make artistic and novel changes to photos before uploading them, as shown in Figure 9-13. PicSay comes in a free trial version and a paid app (about $4.00 as I write this). Google Checkout will convert the currency if you buy the app through the Android Market. The trial version of PicSay has an older version of the interface than the for-pay version, and limits the size of pictures. The pro version also offers more editing options.

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Figure 9-13. PicSay

PicSay allows you to apply an impressive amount of effects to photos. Not only does it allow you to make whimsical edits like applying fake mustaches or novelty eyeballs, but it has an impressive list of very practical effects. You can use it to edit out red-eye, add captions, or add grain and other textures to photos.

Similar photo-editing apps include Pic Paint and Camera Illusion.

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