Photos and Video

Camera phones are not a new phenomenon, but only recently have those cameras improved to the point that you could leave your point-and-shoot behind and still end up with decent photos. Not every phone is created equal when it comes to cameras, so make sure you look at the camera when you shop for a phone.

Whether you need to document work sites or scan bar codes, this chapter will get you up and running with Android photography. I'll discuss a few digital camera basics, like megapixels and image size. I'll also talk about how to adjust your cameras for different lighting conditions, and how to turn the flash on and off (if you have one).

You'll also learn how to enhance your photos and share them by e-mail, Internet, and MMS (picture texting). Finally, you'll learn about using your phone to take video footage, and some of the apps that will make your photography and video session shine.

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