Navigating Multiple Pages

There's not enough room on a phone to have tabs for multiple sites like you would on a desktop browser. If you've got more than one page open or you want to open more windows, click the Menu button within the Browser app and then click Windows. You'll see a list of all the currently available windows and the option to add more.

Once you're done with a window, you'll want to shut it down to conserve memory. Use the same Windows button to remove extra open windows by clicking the X next to the window you want to close.

Adobe announced in February 2010 that they were also developing Flash for Android along with other mobile devices like BlackBerry, Palm, and Windows Mobile. (Yes, the iPhone is missing from that list.) Although Flash is a common Internet plug-in for rich content like games and video, it wasn't supported on mobile devices, which means many streaming video sites and popular Internet games haven't been able to work on phones. Flash is currently available as a download for phones running Android 2.2 and higher.

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