Multiple Calendars

Rather than having one single calendar, Google Calendar operates as a series of calendars stacked on top of each other. Each calendar can be color coded and have different privileges in terms of privacy and sharing, so you can have a family calendar shared with your spouse and a work calendar shared by colleagues. You can also import public calendars with information like weather reports or holiday schedules.

You can share three basic permissions with calendars. You can share the ability to see busy blocks in the schedule, the ability to see event details, and the ability to edit calendars. Every calendar you can edit is listed under My Calendar. Every calendar you can only view is listed under Other Calendars.

In the web-based version of Google Calendar, these calendars will be on the left side of the screen, as shown in Figure 7-1.

You can control which calendars you see and how they're displayed by clicking the triangle next to the calendar's name (Figure 7-2). This is also one of many ways you can add events in your calendar.

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