Multimedia and MMS

You can send attachments like pictures, videos, and audio files through MMS. You use the Messaging app for this. While composing a message, just press the Menu button and select the Attach option. Browse through the options for the type of media you'd like to attach, as shown in Figure 5-3.

From within the Messaging app, press the Menu button and select Settings, as shown in Figure 5-4. You have several options to control how you manage your messages, including how your messages are stored and when you automatically delete old ones.

If it's vital that your recipient read the message, you can use the "Read reports" and "Delivery reports" options. Unfortunately, as of Android 2.1, read reports don't work reliably, so ask for confirmation directly from the recipient instead. You can also use the app chompSMS, which supports the feature.

An option toward the bottom of the screen that you should definitely watch is "Roaming auto-retrieve." It's off by default, and on most phones it should remain that way. When this is on, your phone will still try to retrieve messages while you're roaming, and that could mean a roaming charge on your phone bill.

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