Motorola MOTOBLUR uses a similar social aggregation approach for phones like the DEXT (but not the DROID). It includes both the Messages and Happenings widgets, and apps for cross-network status, photo, and e-mail tracking. MOTOBLUR also allows you to integrate Exchange and Google Calendar in a single display. Android 2.2 supports Exchange calendar integration.


Android ships with a surprising amount of apps to turn your phone into a mobile communication, news, and music entertainment center. The Clock app allows you to have both a travel and bedside alarm clock that remembers when you need to get up early and when you want to sleep in.

Many phone carriers offer preinstalled apps for their customers. Sometimes these apps are carrier exclusives, and sometimes they are merely preinstalled for convenience. T-Mobile offers Sherpa on some phones, an app for locating restaurants and entertainment destinations near you. It also offers My T-Mobile, an app that tells you your current plan and your current phone minute and text usage.

Sprint and AT&T offer entertainment channels. Verizon offers Skype Mobile on most Android phones. The Garmin Garminphone offers a built-in Garmin GPS. As Android releases stabilize, expect more offerings from carriers to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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