Microwaves Washing Machines and Printers Oh My

Touch Revolution makes an Android-powered touch interface for other companies called the NIM1000. Touch Revolution is an original design manufacturer (ODM), which means they create products for other companies to brand as their own. You'll never see Touch Revolution on the interface, but a representative told me that their technology was being used to create Android-powered interfaces for medical devices and the back of airline seats.

Touch Revolution picked Android because it's easily customizable and free. Touch Revolution also felt Android was better designed than Windows CE. Figure 1-3 shows the Touch Revolution interface. To prove the versatility of its design, Touch Revolution demonstrated an Android-powered washing machine, microwave, printer, and enterprise phone set. That doesn't mean anyone will actually use Android to determine the length of their spin cycle. However, people are likely to use Android interfaces on devices that have nothing in common with phones.

Figure 1-3. A prototype microwave interface powered by Android

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