Managing Your Contacts

Over the years, I've had PDAs, phones, calendar programs, and e-mail addresses—all with a different set of contacts. Managing all those contacts gets complicated, so it's a big relief to merge them into a single contact list I can use on my phone or the Web.

Android syncs your contact list with Google Contacts. This is the same place Gmail gets its information. You can manage your contacts either on your phone or on the Web, but for major changes, it's easier to manage everything on the Web and enjoy a full keyboard.

Figure 4-3 shows Google Contacts (at The only caveat about using Google Contacts is that not all of its features are supported on the phone. If you create a group, it won't show up as a group in your phone's contact list.

However, the web interface is super-handy for merging all those inevitable duplicates. You can search automatically by using the Find Duplicates button on the right. You can also merge contacts by selecting the check box next to two or more contacts and selecting the Merge option. Merged contacts combine all the additional phone numbers and addresses, but be sure to double-check that the correct name has been picked for the contact.

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\ Search contacts

My Contacts

Friends Family Coworkers Starred in Android

All Contacts Most Contacted

Figure 4-3. Google Contacts

TIP: Browse quickly through your contact list, and you'll see a pop-up letter in the middle of the screen. This is the letter of the alphabet you're scrolling past, so you can get to your desired contact quickly.

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