Managing Downloads

Just where do all those downloaded files go, anyway? When you view an e-mail attachment, it most likely will not be downloaded anywhere, but if you view documents from other web services, such as SharePoint 2007, they're often downloaded to your SD card. Android doesn't make it easy to browse through your downloaded files, so the best solution is to find an app that adds that ability. ThinkFree Mobile comes with a visual file browser. Documents To Go allows you to open files from your SD card, but the navigation is somewhat clumsy.

ES File Explorer is a free app that allows you to visually explore the contents of your SD card, as shown in Figure 8-4. Files that you download from web sites like SharePoint 2007 will usually end up in a folder called "download," while files that you create or save from e-mail attachments will usually end up in a "documents" folder.

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