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Do you need more information about a location? In the web version of Google Maps, Google has moved toward a system where each location has a place page. On Android, that means each location has a very well-organized detail page with tabs. Double-click a location or click the location bubble, and you'll see the location details, as shown in Figure 12-5.

Not every location will have so many details, so what you see will depend on the information available for the location. Also note that this is a fairly new feature, so sometimes the details themselves are off. In this case, reviews for Todd Rundgren are showing up for Google's Chicago office location.

Some details you can find include reviews, the location's web site, driving directions, distance from you, and the ability to share info about the location on social networks.

If there's an available phone number, you can call it by clicking the phone button.

Google Chicago

***** 18 reviews 20 West Kinzie Street Chicago, IL


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