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Figure 14-18. Pandora radio

Pandora offers free (ad-sponsored) listening for 40 hours per month. You can upgrade to a premium account for $36 a year with unlimited listening and no ads. The Android app is free either way, but subject to the same limits of the user's account.

Toddler Lock

If you have a child that likes to play with your Android 1.6 and earlier phone, Toddler Lock (shown in Figure 14-19) is a must-have. It locks the phone buttons but tells you the unlock combination in text. Dragging fingers along the phone's surface draws random, colorful shapes and lines while a tinkling music plays. Obviously, there's some potential for your child to smash the phone to pieces, but there are often occasions when having a small, brief distraction comes in handy.

A Toddler Lock

Marco Nelissen apps. leaches your child snapes and colors. Optionally enables airplane mode while application is active, so as to not irradiate your little darling. Also fun for adults! See website for changes

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Figure 14-19. Toddler Lock

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