Figure 6-4. Composing e-mail

Start typing in the To field, and Google will attempt to autocomplete the e-mail address from your contact list. If this is to a new contact, you'll just have to type the whole thing out. Use the trackball or your finger to navigate to the next fields.

If you want to add a picture attachment or more recipients, press the Menu button again. You'll have the option to add BCC and CC recipients and attachments from your phone's camera gallery. You can also choose to take a new picture to attach. Picture files are the only type of attachment supported on the default Android Gmail app, but you can still forward messages that contain other types of attachments.

When you're done with your message, press Send.

To reply to a message, open that message, scroll to the bottom of the message, and then press the Reply button. As with desktop e-mail programs, you can choose to reply or reply to all, and you can also choose to forward messages.

Android will automatically copy and append the entire message you're replying to. If you're used to paring down this message to highlight only the relevant section or insert something in the middle, you're out of luck. You can't edit the attached previous message, so just note the relevant parts in text.

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