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Figure 13-11. The News and Weather app

Swipe your finger left and right to view tabs and categories, including the leftmost tab, weather. By default it's set to determine the weather from your current location, but if you wish you can monitor weather somewhere else. Press the Menu button while viewing weather, and then click Settings.

Drag your finger to the right to view news items. You're not restricted to the default choices here. If you don't care about sports and need to monitor news relevant to your occupation, it's easy to set it up. Press the Menu button and then click Settings > News Settings > "Select news topics." Check and uncheck boxes next to the news subjects you want displayed. Click "Custom topic" to add a custom search phrase for news.

When you use the News and Weather widget on your Home screen, headlines will appear from the topics you've selected for display.

HTC Sense

In earlier chapters, I talked about HTC and the Sense UI. When you use a phone with Sense, as shown in Figure 13-12, you'll notice that the bottom portion of the phone does not have the usual app tray. Instead, it has a central phone button to launch the Dialer app and a small contact button on the right. The left has a small arrow button to open the app tray.

Figure 13-12. HTC Sense UI Home screen showing enhanced widgets (image courtesy of HTC)

Most of Sense UI's features are implemented through widgets. However, there is a very convenient interface tweak for navigating between pages on the Home screen known as Leap. You can swipe your fingers just as with other phones, but you can also make a pinching motion on the screen. This brings up a thumbnail preview of all the Home screen pages. Just pinch and then touch a thumbnail to navigate to that screen directly. Leap is only available on more recent Sense phones.

HTC's widgets offer attractive calendars, social networking integration, and creative clock/weather displays. Friend Stream (Figure 13-13) is a Sense social network aggregation tool that pools Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking updates, so you can track updates without having to check separate services.

Figure 13-13. Friend Stream on an HTC Legend (image courtesy of HTC)
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