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Market Summary

Market Summary

Figure 16-6. Google Finance

You'll also find currency converters, MBA study guides, and basic expense management software. See Table 16-6 for a few apps that stand out either by offering more features or superior look and feel.

Table 1B-B. Finance Apps

App Name



QR Code

Google Finance, by Google


Personal Assistant, by Pageonce pFinance, by BiShiNews


This is the official Google Finance app; it includes stock quotes and finance news.


Personal Assistant combines investment portfolio and personal bill management with flight itineraries, cell phone minutes, and monitoring your Netflix queue.

This app is a personal finance manager that also tracks portfolios and financial news. What makes this app so nice are the simple calculators in the Finance column. They include things like a tip calculator, an interest calculator, and a currency converter.

Project Management

Project managers have to keep track of a lot of parts and people in order to do their jobs. It seems ideal to be able to do some of that tracking from a mobile device, rather than having to lug around a laptop or transfer handwritten notes.

Mobile Project Manager (Figure 16-7) is very capable for a mobile app. It can import from MS Project format, create Gantt charts, and send reports via e-mail. You can add both location and contact resources, and attach files from your phone's SD card.

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Mobile Project Manager Trial

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