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APPENDIX A: Resources for Managing Enterprise-Wide Android Deployment

NitroDesk (www.nitrodesk.comJ:

NitroDesk offers TouchDown, a corporate email app for Android. NitroDesk supports all versions of Android and works with Exchange 2003 and above, Zimbra, Kerio, GroupWise, and many other enterprise communication systems. NitroDesk also offers a volume license.

Quickoffice Connect


This suite offers viewing and editing capabilities for Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. It also offers a volume licensing discount.

SMobile Systems (

SMobile Systems is a mobile personal and enterprise security firm. It offers virus protection, GPS location, remote wipe, and "Monitor and Control" services for Android.

Android Security FAQ


This is a FAQ meant for Android developers.

Android Fragmentation: What It Means for You, Dear IT Manager



The EMF (Enterprise Mobility Foundation) explores enterprise use of mobile, and in this article it explores what the many variations of Android mean for your IT department.

Pyxis Mobile (

Pyxis offers a "MEAP" (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform), which allows developers to create an application once and deliver it on multiple platforms, including Android.

QR Code Generator (

This is the ZXing Project's free QR code generator. If you need to distribute an app to multiple users, a QR code may be the most efficient way to do it at this point without major hacking. Android currently lacks good tools for mass configuration, but expect that to change in the near future.

Official Android site (

This is the official Android web site. It mainly serves as promotion for the Android platform, but it also includes videos and announcements about new Android features.

Android source code (

Here you can find the official Android source code, and the SDK is available here as well.

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