Figure 12-2. Directions

Figure 12-2. Directions

There's also a handy bookmark button right next to the My Location and "End point" fields. This lets you choose from your current location, a place you point to on the map, the address of one of your contacts, or any location you've starred. I'll cover how to add stars later in this chapter.

In Android 2.1 and above, you'll also see a series of buttons below these fields for choosing what mode of transportation you need. You can choose car, public transportation, bicycle, and walking directions. This is a lifesaver if you're trying to get anywhere in a big city without a car.

Once you've settled on a start point, endpoint, and means of transportation, click Go. You'll see a list of step-by-step directions in text. Click "Show on map" to see the route displayed on the map instead. If you leave your phone's GPS on, you can even see your progress as you go. I've used this to navigate New York City without annoying the locals by pausing too long to figure out directions.

Press the phone's Back button to get back to text directions. From here you can also press the phone's Menu button to get updated directions, reverse the directions for the trip back, or report a problem with the directions.

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