Google Street View

At first the idea seemed a bit creepy: Google used cars with mounted cameras and other equipment to take 360-degree photos of roads everywhere. It's still a bit creepy in light of their recent announcement that they may have inadvertently snooped on users in open Wi-Fi hotspots (this is another reason to use caution when using unencrypted hotspots).

That aside, Google Street View is an amazing tool for figuring out where you need to be. I use it when I have an appointment at a new location to see what the building looks like before I arrive, and check to see if there's any parking or tricky intersections along the way.

To get to Street View, go to the location details page (Figure 12-5), and then click the Street View button, which looks like a person with a triangle on their chest. Not every location has Street View, so if this button is grayed out, it's unavailable.

Navigate by dragging around the picture with your finger to pan around the scene. Go further up or down the road by clicking the arrows. The yellow line shows you the path the Street View car took as it traveled. Exit Street View with the Back button on your phone.

This process uses large pictures and takes some bandwidth, so you should only attempt it if you've got a fairly strong signal or are in a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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