Goog 411

One method of getting a business address from any phone in the United States is to dial (800) GOOG-411 (466-4411). This uses automated voice search by having you state the business name or category (like "pizza" or "flower shop") and the city and state.

Once Google finds your destination, you have several options. You can just listen to the address, you can say "text it" or "map it" and have Google send you an SMS message with the location, or you can have Google dial the business directly.

This may be an easier alternative in Car Home than trying to rely on voice search with no voice feedback.

Making Your Own Maps

You may have noticed that one of your options in Google Maps layers is "My maps." You're not limited to Google's layers in order to make a map. You can actually create your own map as a layer to Google Maps.

To create your own maps, you can either use Google Maps on a desktop computer, or you can download the My Maps Editor app from Google. This lets you add photos, lines, shapes, markers, and new addresses. Just click a location, click the + button (as shown in Figure 12-7), and select the type of content you want to add.

Figure 12-7. My Maps Editor by Google

Photos can only be added if you shoot them from your camera at that moment. Once you're done adding an element, you can add details to it. For instance, you could put a shape around the area of a convention where your company will locate their booth.

Once you've added the elements you need, click the Edit button and choose whether this is a personal, private, or public map, as shown in Figure 12-8. Give your map a name, and click the Save button.

My Maps Editor by Google -

• Make this map and its contents show up in search results

Do not let this map or its contents

Oshow up in search results, though they may still be viewed by others through the direct URL

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