Getting to Know Gmail

Gmail is the default e-mail app for Android phones, unless the default was modified by the device maker or carrier. In order to understand Gmail's mobile version, it's helpful to first understand Gmail on the Web. You'll also need to visit Gmail on the Web in order to get the best use of Gmail by setting up filters and experimenting with new features.

Gmail is arguably the best free e-mail service available. There's no automatic tagline on the end of your messages advertising that you're using a free e-mail. You don't have to pay extra in order to use a desktop or mobile app to access your e-mail. The spam filtering is above average, and you get plenty of storage space. In fact, Gmail works so well that many business users have come to rely on the service through the enterprise Google Apps suite.

NOTE: Although it's not a faux pas to use a Gmail address for professional correspondence, you can use Google Apps to send and receive Gmail through custom business URLs. If you own a small or medium-sized business, you can take advantage of Google's services from either the limited, free, "standard" account, or the $50-per-user-per-year "premium" account. If you're the sole owner of your business or a consultant, you could use Google Apps as a free e-mail service for a domain name you already own. For more information, visit Google Apps at

Making Games For the iPad

Making Games For the iPad

Making an iPad game doesn't have to be something that only developers do. You too can create a game that will help to entertain the user and it will help to make you money. With Making Games for the iPad, you don't have to be a computer genius, but you will certainly feel like one.

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