Add as many contacts to your Home screen as will fit. But why stop there? Instead of adding a single contact, you can add a folder. To do this, long-click the Home screen and select Folder. You'll be presented with several choices for including contacts, such as all contacts, contacts with phone numbers, starred contacts, and Facebook phone numbers. You can also add a blank folder.

You can move items into blank folders by long-clicking them and then dragging. Rename a folder by clicking the folder name. Be aware that removing a folder from your Home screen also removes its contents.

TIP: This phone OS was made by Google, so of course it searches! Rather than trying to browse through long lists of contacts, you can press the quick-search button at any time. If you're within the dialer app, your search will show you only contacts. If you're searching from the Home screen, search results will include "Web" and "contacts." Note that this quick-search box, which appears when you press the physical button, is different from the weft-specific search widget on your Home screen.

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