Finding Twitter Apps

There are many Twitter apps for Android, including the official Twitter app from the Twitter team (which runs on Android 2.1 or higher). That doesn't mean the official app is the best or the only one you should consider. Many third-party apps provide enhanced features.

It may be helpful to make a list of priority features before deciding on an app. Most apps also come with lite and premium options, so you can try before you buy. Some factors in your decision may include

■ Support for multiple accounts

■ URL shortening

■ Ability to upload and link pictures or video

■ Ability to create and track custom keyword searches

■ List support—both viewing and adding

■ Ability to follow, unfollow, and block accounts

■ Ability to easily send retweets and direct messages

■ Background sync

HootSuite is my personal favorite Twitter app. You can use it to manage multiple accounts, and the interface makes it clear which account is posting. If you buy the premium app, you can also track visitors through its URL-shortening service, Figure 11-1 also shows my favorite feature, scheduled tweets. You can use this to precompose press releases or turn 3:00 a.m. deep thoughts into mid-afternoon topics of conversation. Just press the calendar icon when composing a message and choose when to send it.

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