Exchange Accounts on Android

By default, Android 2.1 and below does not fully support Exchange e-mail, and you're at the mercy of your IT department as to whether you can check it with the Email app. Your IT department might want to enforce security policy using Microsoft standards that just aren't supported in standard Android 2.1 and below installations. These policies might require certain lengths or types of passwords, data wiping for lost phones or failed passwords, timeouts after inactivity, or other options. You may very well have enabled those features, but your phone has to communicate back to the server that you're in compliance using Microsoft's protocols.

The default Email app in Android 2.1 and below doesn't support policy enforcement, so you will not be able to sync a G1 with your Exchange e-mail right out of the box if your business enforces security rules. Even if your IT department doesn't use policy enforcement and you have no problems syncing with your Exchange account, you won't get the full experience. You'll still be missing the Global Address List, and you won't be able to sync task and event requests through e-mail.

Many Android variations, like HTC Sense and MOTOBLUR, support push e-mail notification from Exchange ActiveSync, at least some security policy enforcement, and syncing of tasks and events. You're much more likely to be able to connect your Exchange account with these phones. Android 2.2 introduced support for security policy enforcement, remote data wiping, and auto-discovery (a server setting that makes setting up Exchange accounts much easier on your end). This makes the phone much more compatible with Exchange servers right out of the box.

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