Deleting and Editing Events

To delete or edit an event, go to the "View event" screen. You get there by clicking an event in day, week, or agenda view. You'll have to click twice from month view, since the first click will get you to the day or agenda view. Once you see the "View event" screen, press the Menu button. You can also just long-click an event in any view and select "View event."

You should see the options to edit or delete the item. If you don't see this choice, and you're viewing the correct screen, one of two things is going on. You cannot delete events you did not create, and you cannot edit events on calendars where you don't have editing privileges.

If you're in day or week view, long-clicking an event should also bring up choices to edit or delete an item.

There's no option to drag and drop events to new time slots like you see on some desktop calendar programs, so if you need to move an event to a new time, you'll need to edit the event details. This is probably a wise move, since dragging and dropping items on a screen you have to touch all the time might lead to a lot of inadvertently shifted appointments.

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