Copying Photos to Your Computer

You can get photos from your phone to your computer in many different ways. The method you use depends on the bandwidth you have available, your privacy concerns with the photos, and your personal style. You can e-mail photos to yourself or upload them to Picasa and download them to your desktop from the Web. This may present privacy issues if the photos are sensitive, and it may just take too long if you've taken a lot of photos.

Most Android phones come with some sort of USB connector for recharging and data connection. Connect the USB device to your computer. Windows and Mac computers should automatically install the proper drivers to handle this. However, on the Android side, you need to click your notification tray where it says "USB Connected," and then confirm that you want to mount your phone's media card. The reason you need to confirm this is because you can't use your phone to access your card when it is mounted, which means you can't use the Camera or Gallery app.

You can use your mounted card just like any other USB-connected removable media. Once you've finished copying your photos and videos to your desktop, unmount the drive using the same procedure you would for any other removable media. Next, drag down the notifications panel from the top of the screen and select Turn off USB Storage. Now you can safely remove your USB cable from your phone and computer.

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