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Phones with Android 2.0 and above can use Car Home, a tool specifically made for using your phone in the car (Figure 12-6). Car Home assumes that you will mainly be using your phone for speaker phone-dialing your contacts and finding driving directions. In Froyo (Android 2.2), the Car Home app has also been redesigned to allow you to play music.


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Figure 12-6. Car Home in Android 2.1

The buttons on Car Home are intentionally big, so you can press them with a glance instead of a stare. It works both vertically and horizontally, although it exhibits a few quirks in Android 2.1 that make it less than ideal as a true car navigation system. When someone calls you, you still have to drag to answer the call, and their contact info will be displayed horizontally.

Press the large microphone to launch voice search. You can use voice search to find a location. Unfortunately, in Android 2.1, it doesn't assume you also want navigation directions when you voice search, so you still have to do some hunting and poking. This means Car Home is really best used before you hit the road, or by a passenger.

If you don't like Car Home, you're not stuck using it for directions. Use the Navigation app instead.

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